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My name is Jessica. I am a owner of the company and also run the office. Me and my husband Jaron had a baby in 2020 during the pandamic. We lived in Colorado for four years as my husband served our country in the Army. We moved to Missouri from Colorado to be with family. Its all about family to us. That's why we are family and veteran owned company. We are all about protecting your family even if it is one picket at a time. I look forward to working with you. Please call me with any of your need.

Jessica Imler

My name is Jody. I am one of the owners. I own the company with my husband, daughter and son in law. I hold my faith and family dear to my heart. Morals and ethics are very important to me. Doing things the Righteous way. From our family to yours.

Jody Ruby

Hello my name is Jaron. I am one of the owners here at Righteous Fencing. My goals are to always take care of my family. I love making things from scratch and making them perfect. That is why I love to build fences. It is not work to me it is my passion. I loved serving my country but it was time to move onto bigger dreams. So here I am today ready to protect your family one picket at a time the righteous way.

Jaron Imler

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Hello my name is John. I am one of the owners and also work hands on in the field. meaning you will meet me when I am building your fence. I am a retired veteran as I served in the marines. I wanted to start this business with my family because safety has always been in my blood. I loved protecting my country and now I get to help protect you and your families one picket at a time.

John Ruby